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How to start my conference call instantly?

Organizing a conference call with openConf is very simple and is done in just 2 steps :

Step #1

To start your openConf conference, you need a conference code. To do this, you can generate a code randomly or choose a code and save it.

Generate a code


Choose and save a code

If you are already registered, you can list your codes if you forgot then.

Already registered ? Display a list of my codes

Step #2

At the agreed time :

All participants located in the UK call the
0871 948 0105
and type the code.
All attendees located abroad call the

+44 20 3481 4460

Standard phone number
Price of a call from the calling country to the UK

and type the code.

Conferences in progress :

Need help ?

For further information, you can immediately contact our hotline for free: specify your phone number and you will receive a call within a minute (during opening hours, otherwise you can leave us a voice mail).

Be called back immediately

How much does the service cost ?

The number 0871 948 0105 is charged at the rate of £0.10 per minute all taxes included.

This is the lowest rate of the market.

openConf lets you organize conference calls the best cost, spread over all participants. There is no subscription, no commitment.

View pricing details

To cover the costs for all participants : Click here

Learn more

openConf is an international conference call service available immediately, from any country in the world, without reservation.
  • 24/7 service available immediately
  • no time slot reservation, no registration, no commitment, no subscription
  • available from anywhere in the world
  • charged directly on the phone bill
  • lowest rate on the market : £0.10 all taxes included from the UK ; price of a call from the calling country to the UK for other countries
  • High quality voice calls, identical to that of a phone call (use of the standard telephone network, no voice over IP)
  • keep your conferance call password for later use
  • invite attendees by email and/or SMS (free)
  • manage the conference call
  • monitorcall history
  • share a document during the conference
  • %audio recording of the conference : the organiser has to call the 0871 945 1621 (£0.10 / min all taxes included)
By taking a picture of this QR code, add the contact information of "openConf" to your phone directory.


You can now record your conference calls !

The mobile application :