Environmental Protection

Limit travelling for a meeting

A physical meeting requires most attendees to travel. Every trip, whether by car, plane, train or any other means of transportation, can be very expensive not only for the company but also for the environment. For example, a London-Glasgow return trip by plane for one passenger releases 380 kg of CO2. Imagine how much C02 is released for a meeting of a dozen of participans !
By using openConf’s conference call service, you contribute to the reduction of C02 emissions in the atmosphere and save time and money thanks to conferencing by phone, without moving.

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We invite you to consult these sites to better understand the issues of ecology and sustainable development.

What are the advantages ?

No reservation
Service available 24/7

Excellent voice quality

Invitate conference call participants by mail and SMS for free

Real time management of your conference call

Conference call history and attendee details

Share a document during your conference call